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Artpickle gallery of art. Галерея искусства.
ArtPickle is all about enjoying art. We connect the two vital aspects of the art world - artists and their public. We bring together artists ready to display their art to the public and a hungry public looking for their perfect art. ArtPickle does not sell art. We simply highlight the artists and their work. We provide a way to find art-artists-galleries and help the artist promote their creative work. Why be in a pickle over discovering art?

For the Viewing Public...
If you are looking for an artist, use our Artist Search to locate all the artists in a specific area. If you are looking for art galleries, use our Gallery Search to find art galleries in a specific region. Our Events Search will locate art festivals, gallery openings, open studios and other special events.

For the Artist...
Here's a chance to get your work out where it can be viewed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. People search ArtPickle for art and art events in your area every day. ArtPickle enables you to link to your own website, display photos of your art, link to all the galleries that represent your work, and advertise your open studio events.
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For the Gallery...
ArtPickle does not sell art. We profile Art Galleries with links to your own website. We promote artists to the public. We publish an events calendar for all the gallery shows, art openings and any other events you promote. Your Gallery Profile lists all the artists you represent, including photos of their art work, and all the events you sponsor.
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Галерея не продаёт работы, только представляет творения на суд любителей искусства. В галерее работает поиск по художникам, по галереям, регионам и мероприятиям. Художникам можно разместить на 1 год 8 работ бесплатно, галереи размещают ссылки на свои сайты.
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